Advanced parameters:

This section allows the customization of some of the most important parameters. It is organized by groups of parameters.

Title options : you can change the font, its size, the color of the text, as well as the position of the first character of the text.

Focus options : you can specify translation values along the three axes. X is parallel to the top and bottom of the screen, Y, to its edges, and Z points from the user's eye towards the center of the picture.  Translations are performed after the rotations, if specified. This focus option is disable for the ultra-wide camera.

Color options : I hope these are self explicit. For the temperature factors (TFac), the range of values is decomposed as three zones: a lowvalue range (TFac1), an intermediate (not named) and a large value range (TFac2). You can specify the values delimiting the zones, as well as the colors at the boundaries. For the intermediate zone, the colors at the boundaries correspond to TFac1ToColor and the TFac2FromColor.

Rendering options : you can specify the use of radiosity and reflection for the material apply on the structure which lead to better image quality. You can also specify different light source and specify the use of depth cueing or not. You can see the combination of all these parameter here. Note that if you choose the depth-cueing the light will automatically set to light2.
But this options (particularly the reflection) greatly increase the rendering time.