Ressource Parisienne en Bioinformatique Structurale.

La plate-forme RPBS est hébergée au sein de l'unité Molécules Thérapeutiques in silico (MTi). Elle est constituée d'un ensemble de ressources informatiques dédiées à la Biologie Structurale accessibles à travers le portail Mobyle.

Ses objectifs sont :

  • Permettre une recherche collaborative dans les domaines de la Bioinformatique Structurale.
  • Fournir un panel de services autour de la structure des protéines.


06/30/2014 Warning: From June 29th to June 30th, a problem occured with fileserver with services never returning results. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
06/06/2014 Bug fix: Spurious bug affecting PEP-FOLD and PEP-SiteFinder identified. Quick correction setup.
05/16/2014 LigAutoDock, a tutorial service for the rigid docking of ONE small compound on protein structure, is now available for testing.
05/12/2014 Warning: The Mobyle portal was unreachable from May 8th to May 12th due to fileserver malfunction. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
04/08/2014 Mobyle@RPBS updated to 1.5.3.
03/19/2014 Frog2: minor bug fix. Service reopened to all.
02/21/2014 Warning: On February 21st, the Mobyle portal will be unreachable between 8:00 to 10:00 am GMT+1 due to network operations.
01/10/2014 Warning: On January 9-14th, some services (e.g. PEP-SiteFinder) have been affected due to a core calculation ressource spurious behavior which resulted in very slow processing. The problem has been solved on January 14th.
12/18/2013 Bug fix: page refresh on job termination.
10/10/2013 PEP-SiteFinder , a service to identify candidate interacting residues given a protein structure and a peptide sequence open to all for final tests.
10/07/2013 The BCBB Mobyle Pipeline System (BMPS) is now available here.
09/09/2013 Warning: Sessions are now available.
09/06/2013 Warning: Sessions are currently disabled due to server maintenance. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
09/04/2013 Mobyle@RPBS updated to 1.5.1.
07/04/2013 End of service interruption following fileserver malfunction.
02/08/2013 psipred updated to version 3.3.
02/01/2013 Mobyle@RPBS updated to 1.0.7.
01/21/2013 End of service interruption following major intervention of electric power supply on January 19th.
01/17/2013 GLSearch, a service for fast 3D mining of protein fragments released.
01/03/2013 GLSearch, a service for fast 3D mining of protein fragments now open to all for final tests.
12/18/2012 SAFrag, a service to propose from amino-acid sequence candidate 3D fragments of variable size open to all for final tests.
12/12/2012 SolyPep, a service to assess peptide solubility released with ancillary tools.
12/06/2012 Bug fix and better side chain management for SABBAC full protein structure reconstruction from alpha carbons.
10/10/2012 TEF2 new version of Tightenend End Fragments assignment released.
09/20/2012 Service interruption due to hardware failure. Back to normal on september 21st, 9.30 am.
09/19/2012 TEF2 new version of Tightenend End Fragments assignment opened for tests.
09/19/2012 Yakusa structural similarity search now installed.
03/25/2012 T-Coffee alignment suite installed.
02/22/2012 New version of the HHSearch service based on HHblits.
02/22/2012 HHblits installed (supersedes psiblast for protein similarity search).
02/22/2012 Merge of former Mobyle@RPBS portal (0.97) into this one.
12/19/2011 New version of the HHSearch service.
11/21/2011 Improved PEP-FOLD version now online.
09/18/2011 New computing resource connected to the portal.
09/10/2011 Migration of Structure services from previous v0.97 portal.


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